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Growth Paths

Find a path to transform how you approach your leadership.

Culture. Communication. Board Effectiveness. Personal Brand.

How can I help develop your growth path for a transformed future?


How can I have a culture that my team is proud to be a part of, while driving results? How do I build a team of cheerleaders for my organization?


Identify what culture means and create a plan so your culture values stick.

  • Do your team members genuinely care about the success of your organization’s financial and growth goals, as well as your brand reputation?
  • Do you have a culture that is well defined with organizational mission and values?
  • Have you built a culture where team members are accountable for their actions?
  • Do your team members make decisions considering the long-term impact?

Together, we'll take you down a path where you can feel excited about the culture you have built and join in the success with motivated employees who drive results and promote your organization.

  • Create culture values and definitions.
  • Bring culture to life, whether stagnant or new.
  • Use culture to drive financial success and strategic growth.
  • Identify critical behavior changes in leaders to create a culture-rich environment.


Add clarity as to why team members don’t add input or avoid difficult conversations.

  • Are you struggling with a team that is not communicating openly with ideas and feedback?
  • Do you find yourself or your team creating a negative environment that kills any chance of creating a great culture?
  • Does your team avoid crucial conversations and choose to gossip instead?
  • Do you have team members who put being liked over being loyal to supporting the leadership’s vision?

As leaders, we must tackle healthy communication within our team to ensure relationships are strong. A safe team environment allows creative and strategic thinking to keep your organization flourishing. Let's work together to build strong communication among your team.

  • Create a safe environment. Build trust.
  • Master difficult conversations so you can be effective and keep drama out of your life.
  • Learn to uncover personal biases that get in the way.
  • Improve accountability through improved communication.
  • Avoid personal brand killers during communication.

How can I help my team communicate more effectively when opinions and ideas differ so we can be more united as we approach decisions?

Board Effectiveness-2

What is the best way to grow my board with training on effective board tools, communication, and processes so we can work to lead the organization effectively?

Board Effectiveness

Create an environment where the Board and CEO are approaching the organization with the right strategic direction as a united team, supporting each other and driving the vision.

  • Do your board members equally share their thoughts at board meetings and speak with a unified voice outside the boardroom?
  • Does your board focus on assessing sustainability and building your competitive advantage?
  • Does your board represent the demographics of who you serve, along with a diversity of skill sets, experiences, and demographics?
  • Does your CEO receive encouraging support, clear direction, and communication from your board?

The Board and its relationship with the CEO has a critical impact on the success of any organization. Many board members receive no training on how to be effective in their board role. We'll work together to develop a strong relationship inside and outside of the boardroom.

  • Build trust with the board and staff to improve accountability and culture.
  • Address conflict among board members and executives.
  • Temper dominating board members and staff.
  • Learn the strategic vs. operational roles of boards.
  • Recruit the right board members to build a strong foundation.

Personal Brand

Growing your personal brand takes a deliberate action plan and a coach to help identify your blind spots.

  • Do you underestimate the value of fully supporting your leadership team and organization’s mission?
  • Do you lean in or shy away from showing up when it matters most?
  • What if you present yourself differently in your off-the-clock hours than when you are representing your organization?
  • Do you surround yourself with the right mentors?
  • Have you been told “you aren’t ready” for that next leadership role?

Being a credible professional or member of your team is crucial for your personal growth and the development of your company. Together, we'll look into the heart of your leadership and personal brand, and the behaviors needed to develop you as a leader.

  • Grow your courage to claim being a great leader.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and increase awareness so you stand out for a promotion.
  • Become known as a strong decision-maker and gain rewarding responsibilities.
  • Create a powerhouse personal brand, with a reputable network and social media presence.
Personal Brand-1

What do I need to do to be known as a trusted and respected professional with consistent credibility, inside and outside of my organization?

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