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Discovering the Path to Courageous Leadership

Your Growth Path.

How will you transform the way you approach your leadership?



Identify what culture means and create a plan for your culture values to stick.



Add clarity as to why team members don’t add input or avoid difficult conversations.

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Board Effectiveness

Create an environment where the Board and CEO are approaching the organization with the right strategic direction as a united team, supporting each other and driving the vision.

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Personal Brand

Growing your personal brand takes a deliberate action plan and a coach to help identify your blind spots.

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Don't Sabotage Your Career:
11 Power-Filled Steps to Succeed

Written By Connie Miller

Do you want to be noticed for your hard work? Do you want to be the one chosen for the next promotion? Of course you do! But what if you are doing things every day that are sabotaging your chances and you don’t even realize it? Now is your time of awakening: Your time to catch and correct your mistakes so that you can finally have the success you dream about.

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"Connie has a true talent in building connections with people and engaging them in their development as leaders. Paired with the insight she’s gained from her own journey as a highly respected CEO and leader of boards, Connie’s mentorship and guidance has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally."
Holli Woodings
Holli Woodings, Boise City Council member and past Board Chair for Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council

Take Action.

Let's find an action path that will support you and your team.


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Consulting & Coaching

A personalized approach to meet your needs as a leader.



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Training & Workshops

Learn as a team through collaboration and breakout groups.



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Educational, motivational, and interactive sessions for your event or retreat.


Let's Connect.

Ready to discover your growth path? Let's connect and see where I can support you best.